What to Look for When You Hire a Business Advisor

Are you in charge of your business? Can your business run smoothly if you are away for a couple of days? The answer to this will most likely be a “no” in most cases. Running a business is no easy task. It entails a lot of hard work besides needing to be knowledgeable in varied fields such as marketing, finance, and development. But, what if you come across a specialist who will be an extension of you and more! 

Here Comes the Business Advisor!

Business advisor discussing on business

A business advisor is a strategist who will help you in financial planning, process improvement, customer acquisitions, employee management, and more. They are the ones who can help you take your business to the next level and achieve goals you never dreamt of achieving earlier! A business advisor can be a great asset for your business, provided you find a good one. 

Following are some aspects that should be checked for in a business advisor before you hire them.

Credentials Matter!

Credentials of business advisors matter as those with accredited business degrees will add to the peace of your mind knowing that you are obtaining good advice.

Speaks your language

The business advisor should be the one who focuses on your niche. They must be familiar with your competition, know your concerns, and sometimes can offer an advantage through their industry contacts. 

Familiar with challenges of small businesses

Business concerns of small businesses vary greatly from those of big businesses. Ensure that your business advisor has had experience in dealing with challenges faced by small businesses. It could be anything from process improvement to financial planning to recruiting new employees, and so on. If you have a specific business challenge to surmount, find a business advisor who has success in dealing with it. 

Referrals are a must

Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues besides doing individual research on their recommendations.


Some organizations will help you find business advisors that fit your requirements; tap into this source. You can also post your need for a business advisor on popular job boards; there are chances of you obtaining a wider variety there.