Are you working with the right accountant for you?

How do you know your accountant is right for you and your business? Every business has different needs, and every business owner has different goals, which is why you need an accountant who goes beyond what is usually expected.

Ask yourself these questions about your current accounting partner:

– Are you always the one to call first?

– Do they ask about your goals and long term vision for your business?

– Are you left feeling confused after speaking with them, rather than empowered and in control?

– Have you been left to fall behind on a lodgement?

if dealing with your accountant feels more like dealing with a bad date, it might be time to make the switch!

Your accountant should be:

– Knowledgable. While this seems to be a given, it’s important to work with an accountant with expertise in your industry and empowers you within your business.

– Accountable. A great accountant will not only assist you in setting goals within your business, but keeps you accountable every day to ensure you achieve them. If you say you’re going to do it, we’ll make sure you do!

– Caring. We want your business to succeed just as much as you do, and get excited about businesses within our community thriving and achieving their goals. Accountants love numbers, but you shouldn’t feel like one.

Which boxes is your current accountant ticking? It’s never too late to start fresh and add some valuable people to your team.

The team at PTP are dedicated Certified Practicing Accountants who are committed to your success. To book your free consult with one of our tax experts, click here.