The Golden Rules for Creating and Managing Amazing Staff

The change in generation, the freedom of people moving from one job to another, and the rules governing employing people all seem to be on the employees’ side. In some cases this is correct, but having great staff in your business is essential for your success, and in order to develop them, you need to change your perspective.

There are a few basic principles for running a business that work hand in hand with what your staff want from you, their boss. They are:

  • Respect in the workplace regardless of their status
  • A training schedule for their individual role
  • A position that contributes value to the company
  • Ability to see the impact of their work on the business
  • Measurement and reviews of their performance
  • Recognition of their professional achievements

People want success. They want enjoyment. They want connection to where they work and yes, they want to be paid at a rate that both parties agree is fair. And guess what:

A good employee is worth double what you are paying them.

So, how can you create this environment in your business where your staff are motivated and enjoy their work?

I explain all this and even more in my FREE eBook, which you can download HERE.

My name is Geoff Everist. I have spent over 20 years advising over 500 businesses in a wide range of industries. My experience working with business on both ends of the scale, from 2 employees to 200+, puts me in the unique position of being able to seamlessly introduce big business accountability to a small business environment. 

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