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In today’s electronic sea of social information it is hard to miss the amazing photographs, blogs and tweets depicting the seemingly perfect lives of our peers. People travelling the world, going on shopping sprees and enjoying financial freedom. WOW – What are great life these people have – it is hard to wonder why can’t I do what they do, why can’t I travel like they do, why can’t I wear designer brands and drive a luxury car?

And so, little by little we change our life styles to mimic what we see on social media.  We buy, we travel, we dress just that little bit better and we feel good, we feel this is what everyone else is doing so why can’t I?

And you know what – you are absolutely entitled to lead whatever lifestyle you want, it’s your life! Many think that spending money on luxury items is irresponsible, but these things are there to enjoy and they can be enjoyed as long as we are careful about how we go about it.

Remember that not everything on social media is as it seems. You don’t know the financial position of people online, they could be renting or leasing their items, or hiding a mountain of debt. But never fear! There is a way to enjoy these things while still being financially responsible.

Consider your finances and your spending – this lifestyle is not viable for many – so unless you want to change your lifestyle for the worse you need to have personal budgets and spending limits in place to ensure your lifestyle is changing for the better. A perfect life depicted on social media could also be the screen that hides looming debt and unhappiness if one isn’t smart about their lifestyle changes.

Be aware of:

  • How much you earn per month? Are you spending more than you are earning?
  • How much your non-negotiable expenses such as rent, internet, fuel, food and the cost of utilities?
  • How much do you have left over to spend on luxury items such as clothing and travel?

Before you buy that new car or book that trip:

  • Ensure you have any current debts under control and consider putting extra money toward paying off that credit card before splurging on something new.
  • Create some rules for yourself around saving. Ensure that a percentage of each pay check can be put away to save for something like a holiday.

The list of financial advice is endless and there are countless books on the topic but the simple premise here is first and foremost – spend less than you earn and place yourself in a surplus cash position.  Then you have so many options on lifestyle and you now have the means to target these things you desire – travel, clothes… social events.  All while changing your lifestyle for the better while making sure you remain in a good financial position.

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