The Biggest Mistake 97% of People Make (But You Can Avoid!)

A lot people talk a good game when it comes to life but in reality they are happy to flow down the river of life and just hope that they have picked the fast flowing river. Unfortunately, some of us pick rivers that have waterfalls and rapids so the journey can become uncomfortable and even dangerous.

In the movie ‘Rocky Balboa’ there is a famous quote:

“If you know what you are worth, then go out and get what you are worth.”

While we all probably have an inner consensus about what we’re worth, how many people actually map out the game plan to go out and get it?

Research has shown that only 3% of adults actually write down their goals.

The whole PTP philosophy is centered on setting goals and intentions in the 3 facets of your life; Business, Family and Personal Life. 

Setting your goals and writing them down is the first and most important step in achieving them. A goal that is not written down is simply a dream. 

A lack of goals results in us wondering through life without clarity, floating from issue to issue and never really understanding what is important to you. You miss opportunities and you never quite make it to the finish line with different projects.

So, don’t be a drifter. Distractions in life are ever present and it’s easier than ever before to procrastinate. Write down your goals, and more impotantly, write down how you’re going to achieve them. Life isn’t a 1 man race – if you need help, ask for it!

Complete the goals each day and see where it takes you.

Set goals, chase them hard, make mistakes, learn from them and chase them even harder – be a Pitbull and attack your life with gusto!

If you know what you are worth then go out and get what you are worth.

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