Are You Spending Your Time Wisely?

As a boss, you need to be over so many things within your business. It’s easy to feel “busy” day in, day out and feel like you couldn’t possibly have the time to do anything additional.

So many decisions have to be made, processes that have to be checked and questions that have to be answered. How do you prioritise what is important and what can wait until another day?

As an owner there is an expectation that you will have the answers for All the above, I believe that this should not be the case.

My thoughts are that as a boss you should do the following:

  • Sign off on a Vision and Mission you want the business to head.
  • Financially resource the business correctly.
  • Set out an organisational chart with the roles and responsibilities that can deliver outcomes for your business objectives.
  • Ensure you employ quality people who clearly understand the objectives of the business as well as their role within the business through the organisational chart.
  • With the support of key staff, develop systems and procedures that will let workflow run smoothly through the organisation.
  • Develop KPI’s that monitor key areas within the business.
  • Take the necessary action if these KPI’s are showing that things need to be actioned or changed.
  • Create good communication systems throughout the business so people know what is happening within the business at all times.

You’re the coach of your business team, so like any team, you must have the following:

  • A developed “Game Plan” – your business objectives and how you aim to achieve them.
  • A team that understands the Game Plan and their role within it.
  • A team that is mentally and physically fit to complete their role within the Game Plan.
  • A way to provide feedback to the team on how they are performing, what they do well , what they can improve on, and what is the focus moving forward.

As an owner you are not there to DO all the work, but coach a team so they can.

There is nothing better than seeing a group of people working together for a common cause and being successful at it.

Now that’s the BOSS I want to be.

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