Are You A Good Business Owner?

Are you a good business owner? Well, what does this statement actually mean?  The reality is that it means different things to different people, and it’s important to have your own personal definition and work toward it every day you’re in business.

For some people, it is all about the cash and how profitable you can be.  For others, it is a social enterprise. There are many variations that differ from person to person.

When reflecting on the past 30 years of the good, bad and the ugly in business, in my words I have two rules for life.

  1. Leave yourself in a better place because you have been in business.
  2. Leave your clients and employees in a better place for having known you.

So, how do you measure that?

To some extent, I am not sure you can.  I think all you can do is lead a life full of integrity and possibilities, but if you are one that must measure then here are my personal KPI’s:

  1. Own more than 1 property.
  2. Drive the car you actually want.
  3. Have enough money put away to feel confident in your retirement and live the life you want to lead when retired. 
  4. Make sure your employees are better than you at your job.
  5. Understand your employees dreams and help them discover the pathway to achieve them.
  6. Make your clients money or at least save them some money.
  7. Be proactive and understand your clients needs.
  8. Help create your clients dreams.

What is your definition of a good business owner, and what personal KPI’s are you hoping to achieve in your business life?

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