Why is Hiring a CPA so Important for First Time Business Owners

Do you want your first-time business to grow and scale new heights? Then, it pays for you to get a CPA by your side. A CPA will be more valuable than you think and help you in more ways than one.

What is a CPA? 

CPA is a professional who offers financial advice on varied business functions such as business planning, marketing, production, and product costing. They are a trusted specialist who will help first-time business owners navigate successfully and grow their line of business.

What does a CPA do?

Following are how a CPA helps a business owner to grow when he gets started.

Identifying and helping to achieve goals

If you want your business to grow and thrive, you need to lay down goals that are challenging as well as realistic and achievable. A CPA has experience dealing with your kind of business and others and can effectively guide you in this regard.

They can help you to set appropriate annual or monthly revenue targets or guide you on how much to set aside for your expenses. Setting apt goals will ensure the fulfilment of your revenue targets, which in turn, will enable your business to grow.

Set up an efficient bookkeeping system

You need to have an efficient bookkeeping system in place if you want to achieve your goals. A CPA will help you set up the bookkeeping system. Maintaining proper records will enable you to monitor your income and expenditure.

Cash flow management

Cash flow can become a bottleneck factor for startups and new businesses. A CPA will ascertain areas that offer scope for cash flow improvement. They help with business budgets and cash flow statements to track areas where and how your money is spent. It will help you to rein in your expenditure and plough the saved money into your business.

Increasing sales

A CPA helps first-time business owners devise a marketing campaign that will help them boost sales. Increased sales will lead to an increased inflow of revenue within the business and lead to growth.

Hiring the right kind of employees

CPAs have to undergo training in human resource management. This enables them to help business owners hire the right set of employees at the right time. Bringing in too many employees when your business is still in the fledgling stage can harm your profitability.


CPAs have in-depth knowledge of laws on accounts and taxation. They ensure compliance with all the regulations.

On a Summarising Note

Hiring the right CPA is crucial if you want good business growth. Find a reputed accounting firm for the success and growth of your new business.