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Client Success Stories

I’ve always found Lou to be an open honest genuine person – he doesn’t always have all the answers right away – but he will always get them for you as soon as possible. I trust this man and his crew with our business, if you don’t I would ask you, “why not?”
John Harvey

We participated in a business mentoring program with Tam before she was our accountant. We soon realised that she was what was missing from our business. The knowledge, support and dedication Tam offers is second to none and we are so thankful to have her supporting our business. 

Jess Pether

After 6 months of running a business and having NOTHING set up from previous accountants, PTP came along and saved the day. They got everything running and up to date within days! Definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.

Vanessa Aksionov

PTP offer amazing service and support. I loved the mentoring program and have gained so much knowledge and set new financial and business goals as a result. Thank you!

Lou Lugsdin

I am forever grateful that Tam from PTP came along. At the beginning of COVID I felt so lost. The team at PTP are generous, patient and knowledgable – they have helped my business so much. I would highly recommend them!

Louise Reid

Working with PTP has been a game-changer for me, my family and my business. We now have a fantastic business and are happier than we have ever been.

PTP helped us define our own version of success and we are well on the way to achieving it!

Stephen White

Ten years ago Brian (Thomson) was talking, and thinking, about where we are now, 2015, and I wasn’t even thinking about the next year! Fantastic wisdom.

We are fortunate to have had PTP guiding us on our journey and we will continue to have them along side us well into the future as we continue to grow.

David Vaughan

Working with PTP has achieved great results in our business. We trust the team and love the relationship we have with them. They are smart, friendly and provide us with the support our business has needed and will continue to need as we develop.

We encourage other people to work with the team at PTP, you will not be disappointed.

Ang Poppa

Perta Thomson Partners wants to see your business grow and succeed. They are always there, willing to discuss your ideas and plans for your business. They also, and just as importantly, offer ideas of their own. It is a real partnership.

Bill Dowling

We are happy to say we did not understand the value in setting goals or looking forward. When we approached the team at PTP to assist with business succession, we soon realised how important planning and goals are to success!

PTP worked with us to help us understand why growth, both personally and in our business, is so important and we cannot thank them enough.

Pat Diretto