Tax and Accounting

We ensure you meet your statutory commitments as efficiently as possible. We proactively work with you to minimise your taxation liability.

Everyone wants to pay as little tax as legally possible.  Tax is a massive drain on any business. And as we know, money paid to the taxman is money you can’t use to help grow your business.

But many people are unaware that overpayments to the ATO can be reclaimed.

You are more than a number to us—we want to see you succeed as much as you do.

For PTP, Creating Dreams Worth Fighting For in your business and life means we aim to minimize your tax burden as much as we possibly can. That means you have more cash to help grow your business and improve your life. What do you really have to lose?

Most accountants are time poor.

They get in, get the job done and get out as quickly as possible. Time is money, right?

PTP takes the time to completely understand your business structures and your family tree. We’re going to ask you a LOT of questions. Some of them may seem unnecessary, but trust us, what you think is an irrelevant question could be the key to wiping hundreds or even thousands of dollars off your tax bill, LEGALLY.

We drill down line by line to ensure you’re maximizing your deductions and also introduce effective strategies to reduce your tax burden even further.  We have a wide range of options that we take the time to discuss. We make sure you have an excellent understanding of your tax position.

Let us ask you—why is it we’re keen to seek a second opinion when it comes to medical issues but not when it comes to financial affairs?

We offer all our new clients the same thing: a free, no obligation review of your last two years’ of tax returns and detailed report of our findings, including all the money you’ve paid the tax man that you didn’t need to. You can even take the report back to your current accountant and have them do the work—that’s how sure of ourselves and our skills we are.

One of our clients pocketed over $250,000 in additional tax refunds once we made some simple changes to their tax structures.

Structuring your tax affairs is critical. Get it wrong and the results can be really costly.

The Taxation Experts

How Can We Help You?

  • FREE Tax Review of Your Past Returns
  • Individual & Business Taxation Returns
  • Strategic Tax Advisory
  • Financial Statements
  • GST, PAYG, FBT, Workcover Registrations
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Company/Trust/Superfund Setup and Maintenance