Hiring Expert Accountants in Shepparton Can Be Easier Than You Think

Meeting taxation liabilities can be, by all means, a taxing job. Having professional help can assist in minimizing the burden. While paying taxes is our legal and moral liability, it can lead to a moral drain on any individual or business. Hence, it is on our part to guide our clients to pay only that much of the tax that our clients need to pay compulsorily. Since we perfectly understand that the money spent on taxes is not going to help in business expansion, we at PTP ensure that your statutory financial commitments glide through as smoothly as feasible.

What Clients Often Miss

As a professional business advisory service provider, we have seen that several clients miss vital information. More than often, clients can reclaim the overpayments that they often make. Though a thorough professional in what we do, our clients are more than mere numbers to us. We are passionate financial experts who wish to help clients make the most of their hard-earned money. 

How Do We Work?

Perhaps, one of the biggest problems of having in-house accountants is that they may have a poor sense of timing. It means that the professionals might come in, do the needful and leave the office thereafter. But we at PTP, take all the time to understand our client profile completely. So whether we work for a family or an office, we would check the pattern of business or job with the concerned client. Our procedure involves asking questions. Sometimes, we do have too many of them. Some of them can seem to be irrelevant. But as a seasoned accounting firm, we know that an insignificant query can give the key to saving big on your tax obligations. Our procedures would be ethical and legal. 

Case in point, one of our very recent clients has saved about $250,000, apart from refunds from tax. We could make it through minor tweaks in his usual tax structure. There are many success stories that our team prides itself on. A quick peek into our website https://www.ptps.com.au/ can tell more about us. 

What Else Do We Offer? 

Anyone looking for accountants in Shepparton would get a series of services with us. Our value-added services include:

  • A no-obligation and free review of our client’s tax returns for the last two years. 
  • A detailed report of all our findings.

We also allow our visitors to take away our findings to their existing accountants for further clarifications. 

  • It is a perk that helps those looking for a second opinion and also those who don’t intend to join us.
  • Setting strategic tax plans as well as financial statements, work cover registrations, business cover statements, trust, company, set up of superfund, as well as their maintenance. 
  • Services regarding PAYG, GST, and FBT.

We are ready to take our calls on (03) 5821 8644, as well as answer any queries at [email protected]. We also have physical offices in Shepparton, Cobram, Melbourne, and Geelong.