How to book a free, independent review of your COVIDSafe business plan

The Victorian Government is now offering Victorian businesses a free, independent review of your COVIDSafe plans, to ensure it is up to date and reflects the current COVIDSafe settings.

What is a COVIDSafe plan?

A COVIDSafe plan supports a business to protect its staff, customers, visitors and the community. It also prepares a business to deal with a suspected or confirmation case of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Every Victorian business must have a COVIDSafe Plan to help protect workers and customers from COVID-19.

Businesses should review and update their COVIDSafe plans regularly, especially when restrictions or the public health advice changes. If you have multiple organisations, you need a COVIDSafe plan for each one.

To ensure compliance, random spot checks are conducted throughout the state. Failure to comply can result in an on the spot fine of up to $10,904.

For more information on how to create a COVIDSafe plan and download a template for your business, visit

Your free COVIDSafe Plan Review

This service will provide business owners with advice from Ernst & Young, who will review your current plan, and provide confidential advice on how to address any gaps or areas for improvement.

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