Lou Perta CPA


Lou has more than 20 years’ experience growing the success of his clients’ varied businesses. Practical, down to earth and easy to talk to, he grew up on a dairy farm near Murchison.

and has spent most of his life in country Victoria. His values are the same as those governing the business—trust, integrity and reliability—and his key driver “is helping other people.”

While the firm is expert at compliant tax returns, “what I’m really interested in is what your dreams, hopes and aspirations are and what things we need to change for them to happen for you and your business,” says Lou, who spends up to six hours a week learning Italian.

A Tigers fan who loves training at the gym with his adult children, Lou’s mission with clients is to “get to the nitty gritty of what they really want—nobody can tell me they are rich if they have a shedload of money but are never home.”

A believer in “working quietly—head down, no gloating”, Lou guarantees clients one thing: “I installed this in my children, and I carry it in life: if I shake your hand and say I’m going to do something, come hell or high water I’m going to do it.”

  • Succession planning
  • Simplifying issues for family businesses
  • Having honest conversations

Insights From Lou