Geoff Everist

Partner - Advisory

When Geoff “Sam” Everist joined the firm in 2013, it was a significant move for PTP to introduce a non-accounting partner. But Geoff was a natural choice to lead the firm into its next stage of evolution because of his expertise, experience and recognition in the Business Advisory area.

Over two decades, Geoff has advised more than 500 businesses in industries including engineering, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and finance. He seamlessly introduces big business accountability to a small business environment and knows what works and what doesn’t.

“I’m the social worker of the business,” says Geoff, who aims to make sure clients understand themselves and have strategic goals. “I get involved in why people are in business and what they want out of it. It’s about using systems and procedures to make a financial return but also create wealth within themselves and their family.”

An organic farmer who “lives and breathes” at home what he does at work, Geoff has a simple personal philosophy? “You’re a long time dead. You need to grab this opportunity you’ve been given to explore yourself and what’s around you.”

Geoff Everist - Business Advisor & Partner