Chris Norman CPA


Chris moved to the Goulburn Valley in 2001 from Horsham. After joining PTP in 2005, he rose through the ranks and in 2013 became a partner. His strong understanding of local business needs and issues facing regional business is invaluable.

Extremely approachable, Chris is a “bit of a jack of all trades, with a strong interest in property, superannuation stuff and medical practitioners,” he says. “I love the variety of my job—I like talking to clients and seeing them reap the rewards of us having a relationship.”

With a personal philosophy based around working hard, Chris’ mission with clients is “to see them progress and build wealth and success, whether that’s financially or by achieving their goals. I like to be on the journey with them.”

Fittingly for someone with his professional skills, Chris has a “freakish” power to memorise car number plates and “if you want to know all the useless trivia, I am your man.” Outside of work, Chris follows the stock and real estate market closely, and can often be found socialising and following the Geelong Cats as an avid supporter.

Outside of work he loves socialising and the Geelong Cats, “and I like share market stuff and property so I’m always reading about that.”

  • Advising on any issues affecting small to medium business
  • SME funds
  • Medical practitioners
CPA Chris Norman