Brian Thomson CPA

Partner - CEO

Like fellow founding partner Lou Perta, Brian has worked and lived his whole life in regional Victoria, the last two decades in Shepparton. He’s excited by “the intrinsic pleasure of seeing people overcome limitations and realise they can achieve a lot more than they thought.”

Brian relishes it when someone—be it a client or the ATO—tells him something can’t be done: “Whether it’s tax, a restructure of a business, I can find a solution to that. If somebody says no to me, that’s cool, but there’s always more than one pathway. I look at things that others tend not to. I’m a pig in mud when there’s a puzzle to be solved.”

As practice manager and CEO, Brian strategises for the business as well as clients. “I’m always moving the pieces on the chessboard with the much bigger picture in my vision, which is satisfied clients, a growing team and a plan for where we take PTP in the future.”

A keen wilderness hiker and traveller who watching the “precision of nature at work”, Brian’s mission with clients is to “make sure they have a long-term strategy and don’t get to retirement with financial pressures and concerns. It’s that idea of moving from being just accountants to having clients get control of their lives.”

  • Seeing problems as opportunities
  • Thinking strategically for the future
  • Advising on development, restructuring, estate planning and goal-oriented solutions